Curtis Lepore


It’s safe to say Curtis Lepore is an internet sensation. With nearly 10 million Vine and over 3 million Instagram followers, he has a strong hold in the world of online humor. Collaborating with some of Vine’s other star influencers—Lele Pons, Christian DelGrosso, KingBach, Amanda Cerny, Piques, and Logan Paul—he has created some original and innovative videos that go viral within minutes. He continues to push the boundaries of trending topics and build his following with his original comedy and hilarious take on life events.

Buster Beans

Curtis’ trusty sidekick, a lovable and scene-stealing 11-year old Boston Terrier, Buster Beans has taken the internet by storm as well. With over a million Vine followers himself, he continues to shine way beyond the realm of Curtis’ videos. He was his original star—and was featured in his first video! Buster Beans lives the good life, His favorite pastimes include “loafing,” chewing on socks, playing catch, and begging for food. He thoroughly enjoys getting pushed around in a pimped out stroller by his dad (Lepore adopted him seven years ago) and together, the two make viral online hilarity every chance they can.

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